About us

Children’s Choir of the West-pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin was established in November 1990 from prof. Jan Szyrocki initiative. The artistic manager and conductor is Dariusz Dyczewski lecturer at Music Academy in Szczecin. The children in the 7-18 sing in this choir.
“DON-DIRI-DON” has given many concerts in Szczecin at the National Philharmony in Warsaw (they sang “Missa Brevies” by Krzesimir Dembski together with the boy’s choir in International Festivals in Italy (twice), Australia, Slovakia, Germany, Halland, the Chech Republic, England Wales, France and Sweden. In 1994 the choir visited the Pope John Paul II in Vatican. The choir arranged some charity concerts for sic children and performed special programmes at the orphanage in Gryfice. In Szczecin the choir was the host for the friendly choir from Germany, USA, Holland, Hungary, Russia, Slovakia and Austria.
“DON-DIRI-DON” is the twice winner of “Gold Tunning-folk” at the Polish A’Capella School Children and Youth Choirs Competition – Bydgoszcz 95’ and 96’ and the winner of the Cup for the best performed compulsory work granted by the General Management of Polish Association of Choirs and Orchestras. The group was also marked off at Polish Tournament of Choirs “Legnica Cantat 26”. In 1996 the choir won second prize in its category at the Oskarshamn Choir Festival, the first prize in its category at the Polish Choral Song in Katowice and obtained the distinction award at the International Choral Song Festival in Miedzyzdroe.
In summer of 1997 the choir did a month long tour all over the United State of America. In April 1998 it was awarded the Silver Cup at the International Choir Festival in Verona, and gave concerts on a tour of Italy, Switerland, Austria and Germany. In May 1998, the Choir participated in the First International Choir Festival in Szczecin, and it was a participant in file First International Musical Workshop of Children’s Choir. In October, at Szczecin St. Jaes Cathedral, the Choir performed together with some other choirs at the Polish premiere of “The Liverpool Oratorio” composed by Poul McCartney.
In June 1999 the Choir participated in the International Festival of Children’s Choir “Jyraskyla” in Finland where it was awarded the silver diploma. As to the 34th International Festival of Choir Songs’99 in the competition of “Contemporary Choral Music” it came second and was awarded the silver diploma. It was also granted an award by the Polish Association of Choirs and Orchestras in Warsaw. In October this year, the Choir is participating in the anniversary celebrations of the holocaust of children murdered in concentration camps of Bialystok and Terezin.
In the year 2000 the “DON-DIRI-DON” was celebrated its anniversary. In July the Choir participated in the China International Choir Festival – Pekin 2000, where it was awarded the gold prize.
In July 2001 the choir participated in the XIX International Music Festival at Cantonigros where it was awarded the brown prize an in 2002 in the International Festival in Preveza/Greece.
In December 2003 the choir gave many concerts with Christmas carol in Sicily and Roma. In December 2004 the choir participated in the International Christmas Festival in Venezuela. In 2005 “DON-DIRI-DON” was celebrated its 15’’Anniversary. The choir bede farewell to year 2006 with concerts in Rome.
In 2007 the choir took part in the International Children’s Choirs’ Workshop in Szczecin and together with a philharmonic orchestra had concerts in Szczecin, Slubice and Prenzlau (Germany), where Carl Orff’s masterpiece “Carmina Burana” was performed. In December 2007 the choir visited the USA (Tampa, New York) where they gave concerts of Christmas carols and pastorals and, as the first band from Poland, had concerts in Nassau in Bahamas.
In May 2008, the children participated in the International Choirs’ Meetings “Song Bridge” in Szczecin where they sang with choirs from Canada and Israel. In December this year, the Choir was participating in 21st Century International Arts Festival in Malaysia and they won first prize in its category. In the same year the choir visited the Australia where they gave concerts of Christmas carols and pastorals.

The repertoire of the group comprises Polish and foreign choral classic, folk songs, carols and foreign contemporary works.


Dariusz Dyczewski was born in 1965 and graduated choir conducting class at Szczecin Music Academy. His teachers were professor S.Marczyk and professor J.Szyrocki. He is also graduated of Postgraduate Voice Production Studies (professor J.Galeska-Tritt) and the Choirmasters’ Studies (professor B.Wietrzny) at the Bydgoszcz Music Academy. He taught music in many primary and secondary schools in Szczecin. He worked as the chirmaster’s assistant in Szczecin Opera and Operetta as well as a music consultant at the puppet theatre “Pleciuga:. He led voice production on Diploma Study of Voice Production.
            D. Dyczewski is the founder, artistic director and conductor of the Children’s Choir of the West-pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin “Don-Diri-Don” (old name: Children’s Choir of Szczecin University of Technology “Don-Diri-Don”) and the Boy’s Choir of the Polish Television in Szczecin in Pueri Cantores. With these two choirs he took part in many festival, contents and choir meetings to win a lot of prices. He gave over 500 concerts in many towns in Poland as well as in Germany, Holland, France, England, Austria, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Bielorussia, Hungary, Italy, USA, Canada and China.
            D.Dyczewski led Conductors’ Seminar in Poland and in Austria and lecture concerning polish singing choral in Roma and Canaria. He is also a lecturer at the Music Academy in Szczecin and Music Academy in Bydgoszcz. He os the vice president of the Polish Choir and Orchestra Union in Szczecin and the director of private Music School I. Presently he is a Dean and Professor of Music Academy in Szczecin.